Mazipos Project, Collodion Collective PL group exhibition, Slovakia

Nasz COLLODION COLLECTIVE PL bierze udział w grupowej wystawie na Słowacji w ramach projektu MAZIPOS
Otwarcie wystawy 13.07.2016 o godz 20, 300štvorcov studio, Banska Bystrica, Horna 7.
Następnie wystawa przenosi się do Niemiec, Serbii i Meksyku !


COLLODION COLLECTIVE PL is taking part in the group show in 300 štvorcov studio in Slovakia.

Coming next: Serbia, Germany and Mexico!

More details:
MAZIPOS is a collaborative project that uses e-mail and collects digital posters in A2 format. These can then be printed as a compact exhibited a conceptual unit anywhere in the world. Every four months, invited the authors of the project 25 new artists to participate. They then add their copyright graphics into the database. The idea is to use a network of artists as an autonomous mutually publicizing platform. The exhibition in the studio 300štvorcov the world premiere of this project. Will be followed by further planned in Serbia, Germany and Mexico

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